North Ipswich Childcare Centre (NICC) was established in 1977, the centre was setup as a not-for-profit service to provide care to children and families in the Ipswich Community.  The service has grown over the years now hosting care for up to 40 children per day.  A homely converted Queenslander has provided care to 100’s of children over the years.  Feel free to give us a call and see what we have to offer.

Our Offering

Our Offering: Open 7am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Caring for children from 6 weeks to school age

Government Approved

Government Approved: We are an approved provider with Childcare Subsidy and a Queensland Kindergarten Program

Meals Provided

We have a kitchen and provide freshly cooked meals daily catering for all children’s needs

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    Dear Parents!
    Of course you don’t know me bout I would like to tell you that your precious child is one of the luckiest in the world because you placed them in this childcare centre.
    I have never seen so much care, so much love, so much of thorough thinking and creativity going to any little activity that little children would be involved in!
    I am only a grandma (my name is Mila) and I had only been in this centre a few times where my granddaughter used to go.
    But my daughter showed me that folders/journals that those fantastic teachers gave to her. Yes, I know every child care centre makes them, and I saw few.
    Still… If felt as if I have seen it all with my own eyes! Little journals with lots of photos, lots of stories and – again- everything has a meaning. It’s not just to tick a box. Those wonderful ladies ARE teaching our children about the world. About the animals, about anything a caring, thoughtful parent would! These teachers well and truly care and are dedicated to give everything they possibly can to the little ones!

    I still remember one in particular about the Australian Zoo. It’s a small book… But how much care and labour went into it! You need to make a gazillion number of photos of each and every little one, integrate it in the story; you need to look, find, print, cut and glue an incredible number of pictures and WRITE (not print) the little story about YOUR child, what that child liked and why. I read that journal few times- it was so interesting and I learnt new thing about my granddaughter and I showed it to my parents back in my country (via Skype) and they were impressed too. 😊
    The day cam and we were invited to a Graduation party. I was in awe, to be honest. No, there was not anything expensive or ultramodern. But you know what was there? Again, again and again- care, love, thoughtful decorations and beautiful, beautiful gallery of portraits of all the little ones where they told who they wanted to be when they were adults. It’s that so incredibly sweet?
    And the two bunches of balloons at each side of the table with all the balloons carefully and symmetrically arranged, not just bundled together! This attention to everything, to every tiny detail- that’s what tell you straight away, your child is in the most caring hands in the world!

    But you know what was the most moving touch at that graduation night? A suitcase.. An open suitcase tucked at the side of the table… packed with their sweet toys sitting next to each other… Sweet toys of sweet little children that are about to shut it’s lid and rush into the adult world…
    IT still brings tears to my eyes when I am writing about it… How much all the children were loved there! Where else can you see so much love and care?
    And how to express this deep gratitude that I have in my heart for all those teacher’s and staff that made the time for my granddaughter so happy and so invaluable?

    And also- thank you for that bench, where we can take our time as we never do, don’t we?
    And thank you for those beautiful affirmation on the chalkboard- I loved each and everyone one of them!
    You are real treasures, just please always remember that@

    As parents of a lil boy it was important for us we found a centre that provided an environment where he would be both challenged and supported to learn and grow both physically and emotionally.

    Given 2020 has been one heck of a year what with all the COVID-19 issues we have been overwhelmed by Mel and the team’s ability to adapt and yet thrive whilst many others have struggled.

    The centre put in place protocols that reassured us it was a safe environment and consequently we continued to send our lil fella when we could have chosen to keep him home as he loves his “ Kindy “ and it has and is so good for him.

    Kudos to the whole team as you make our life and his day so much better each and every day. The fact that many staff have been there for a number of years is reassuring and the cornerstone of NICC long term success I’m sure.

    -Wayne and Tracy Gaddes