Our Centre Philosophy

Vision: For Children to play, learn and discover together
Developed from Piaget’s Principles

At North Ipswich Childcare Centre children are central to everything we do. We strive to provide a safe, peaceful and natural environment, one that represents our NICC Family, to engage children’s five senses, provoking wonder, curiosity and intellectual engagement.

Our community is built on the traditional lands of the Yuggera, Jagera and Ugarapul people. We acknowledge and pay respects daily in our program to continue the memories and traditions of this ancient culture.
Our care and teaching philosophy are grounded in the work of Piaget, the Montessori model and Reggio Emilia.
National Quality Standards, Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines and Early Years Learning Framework are the governing frameworks that are the basis and guide our program.

We believe:

  • Children learn through play and through discovery. Through working with materials, they build their own knowledge and understanding of the world around them. (adapted from the Montessori model).
  • Children should be active participants in their learning (as Piaget suggests).
  • Our Educators are co-learners and collaborators with the children, providing a positive and holistic approach to help them grow (inspired by Reggio Emilia).
  • In the role of nature and our environment as a “third teacher” (as does Reggio Emilia).
  • In the value and importance of thoughtfully prepared materials that are age-appropriate and accessible (as does Maria Montessori)
  • In the importance of each relationship – child-child, child-educator, educator-educator, educator-family and the creation of strong bonds across all (as does Reggio Emilia).
  • In the value of family collaboration and a shared approach as a vital reflection of our Community at NICC (as does Regio Emilia).
  • Each child brings unique strengths, experiences and understandings to their time at NICC.

These beliefs and approaches underpin a holistic program where children can feel safe and secure, knowing that they will be loved and cared for in a genuine way. We will continue to provide excellence in education supporting children to develop strong foundation skills for life-long living and learning.

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