Testimonial 1

As parents of a lil boy it was important for us we found a centre that provided an environment where he would be both challenged and supported to learn and grow both physically and emotionally.

Given 2020 has been one heck of a year what with all the COVID-19 issues we have been overwhelmed by Mel and the team’s ability to adapt and yet thrive whilst many others have struggled.

The centre put in place protocols that reassured us it was a safe environment and consequently we continued to send our lil fella when we could have chosen to keep him home as he loves his “ Kindy “ and it has and is so good for him.

Kudos to the whole team as you make our life and his day so much better each and every day. The fact that many staff have been there for a number of years is reassuring and the cornerstone of NICC long term success I’m sure.

-Wayne and Tracy Gaddes